MSX 20th anniversary

Dance page

The complete MSX 20th anniversary demowith it’s source code is now available for download.

The .gen files of the archive can be compiled with the GEN80 assembler.

The source code is provided for educational purpose. You can copy, re-use any part of the code, but please do not distribute modified version of this demo (this is kind of a lame thing to do anyway 🙂

Patched 18 October 2003: Now Bug fixed and MSX-DOS2 compatible !

All demo files with asm source:

Disk mage without asm source:

Maggoo’s Homepage Promo + Source

3D animation

This very simple demo featuring a scroll text and some 3D animations has been created following this thread, published on MRC

Keys available while running the demo:

F1-Switch to 50hz mode (best for music).

F2-Switch to 60hz mode.

F3-Switch logo on/off.

The .gen files of the archive can be compiled with the GEN80 assembler.

! Updated version, compatible with MSX-DOS2 !


Audio Wave#3

Audio Wave3

Audio Wave #3 is a compilation of some of the best MSX-Audio music made by DANDAN. Graphics by Spooky, code by Maggoo.

Note: Hold CTRL key down while booting your MSX. Drumkits loading seems to be inconsistent on some Emulators. Should be ok on a real machine.


Metal Limit

Metal Limit menu selector page
Copper Shock 2

It might not be the best demo on the MSX but it sure is the biggest one.

It took nearly 2 years to get this baby out. The result is a 3 disks wide monster which contains dozen of effects, 2 distinct menus, one game, one juke Box, one slide show, one hidden part, an overdose of egocentric scroll-text and great music from Dandan.

Little known facts:The game within Metal Limit was supposed to be much more advanced than the release version, with enemies to fight, multiple graphic themes and many other neat things. Due to time constraint (read laziness) we had to leave it as it is. The hidden part can be reached by pressing IOD keys in the Lazy Bones menu. Hidden part contains a compilation of IOD demos published on various disk magazines. The lazy bone menu engine can also scroll up and down, we were too lazy to edit a larger area. Vscreen was largely inspired by this engine.

The ending demo can only be reached by finishing the Metal Limit game or by launching on Disk3.


Xmas Demo

Xmas IOD digital card

This very simple demo features falling snow, small animation and a very cool soundtrack made by Dandan (with vocals by Spooky 🙂 was initially published on the SRP disk magazine in 1994.

Music is compatible with MSX-Audio


An uncle in Brazil

Animations made by Spooky
Animations made by Spooky

This promo demo was written for Cobra Software, the famous Brazilian group responsible for publishing MSX Viper magazine, MSX Brigade Disk Magazine and also distributing IOD productions in Brazil.

This is a fun ‘cartoon’ demo with great artwork made by spooky (who also wrote most of the code).

Music is compatible with MSX-Music and MSX-Audio.


MSX Brigade Demo

Plasma effect

Zoom effect

This demo was written for MSX Brigade (brazilian disk magazine). It’s also one the very last IOD demo. It features a very cool zoom routine in the first part of the demo and a Plasma + scroller effect in the second part.

Music is only compatible with MSX-Audio.


IOD Gif Demo

Big scroller

One of the first ASM intro of IOD (dated somewhere around 1991). Simple text scroller, big scrolling IOD logo, moving color bars and that’s about it.