Mkid ‘action’ – Egypt stage

Mkid was our platform game project for MSX2+, using hardware scrolling and Screen 11 (12000 or so colors). The project was pretty advanced but never made it to final release.

This promo included the latest features of the game engine such as throwing bullets to kill enemies and 2 levels.

To start the demo, type ‘MKIDTEST’ at the DOS prompt.

Controls are:

  • Move: Cursor left/right
  • Jump: Space
  • Jump higher: Space + UP
  • Throw bullets: N
  • Pause: Stop

Code by Maggoo/Slayerman, GFX by Popolon/Spooky, Music by Maverick.

The disk image also contains the source code of the game.

Download disk image: Mkid.zip

Mkid ‘puzzle’ – Egypt stage

This is a special ‘Puzzle’ stage for MKID. In this one you have to push blocks to access certain area of the level, collect the keys in the right order to open the doors and finally move to the next level.

Use your brain, it’s tricky but there is always a way out :-)If you’re stuck in a level, you can press ESC to restart it but you’ll loose a life.

Mkid engine tweak and GFX done by the infamous Mumbly of IOD/Abyss. Music by Maverick.

The disk image also contains the source code of the game.

Download disk image: Mkid2.zip

Mkid 1st boss – Crocokid

Also from the unfinished MKID project, Crocokid is the first ‘Boss’ to beat at the end of the Egypt level.

Code and GFX by Popolon.

To start the demo, type ‘CROCOKI2’ at the DOS prompt.

Download disk image: mkidboss1.zip

Mkid 2nd Boss – ‘Fish’

M-kid Fish boss

Not as advanced, the second boss ‘Fish’ was supposed to come at the end of the Pirate stage.

Fish animation is completed, as well as bubbles and water movements.

Code by Maggoo, GFX by Spooky.

Download disk image: mkidboss2.zip

Some music by DanDan

Total Parody Music 1: Great songs from the game Total Parody.Some music by Dandan.

Download disk image: dandan1.zip


Prophecy is one of the late Abyss project, it never made it past the drawing board. Some pretty cool GFX were made for it by Mr Looping.



Puzz – Mkid level editor

Puzz is the level editor for MKID. It supports graphic files in PCX, GE5,SR5 and SRB (screen 11). The palette of SRB files might not always be displayed properly (trying to fit 12000 colors in VGA 320×200).

Manual is included in the archive file. It also includes some GFX from the medieval level, the forest level and the Egypt level.

Download disk image: puzz.zip


This example shows a simple way of removing the top and bottom screen borders in screen 5 (it probably works in other screen modes as well).

This effect is known as ‘overscan’.

The .gen files of the archive can be compiled with the GEN80 assembler.

To test the example, type: run’oversca.bas’

Download: overscan.zip


The file below contains an example of Scroll- Text routine for screen 5. The source code, ‘scroll.gen’ can be compiled with the GEN80 assembler. Some parameters can be adjusted in the source code, like the vertical position of the text and the speed (has to be 2 or 4).

To test the example, type: run’Scroll.bas’

Download: Scroller.zip


IOD color demo (Unreleased)

This unreleased demo features a VERY large scroller (128 pix high), and a lot of flashy colors. Ok, it’s damn ugly.

The source code is provided with the demo. It’s possible to add one extra set of color bars on MSX2 machines but it will flicker on TurboR machines. 

Music is compatible with MSX-Audio.

Download: iodcolor.zip  (source file included)

‘Beastie’ demo

This is an unreleased and unfinished (music/controls missing) demo by Mumbly of IOD. It’s a MSX2+ port of the Amiga game ‘Shadow of the Beast’. Still the demo looks nice and the parallax scrolls of the original game are pretty well reproduced. The idea was to use in Metal Limit as a third menu solutions for 2+ owners.

Download: Beast.zip