X-Tazy was was supposed to be a space shooter for the MSX turboR computer with Moonsound and GFX9000. An high level specification game with stunning graphics, great music and sound, but unfortunately unreleased.

High expectations

Even now, when you look at what has been developed so far, you can imagine how much the intention was to push the experience quality level very high:

  • Colorfull gorgeous graphics.
  • Dual playfield with vertical and horizontal scrolling.
  • Nice music theme.
  • Long and well designed game introduction.
  • Use an home made FLI player (film file format from Autodesk) in the intro.
  • Huge amount graphic assets.
  • Very high quality level of sound design and sound fx samples.

Sadly, the effort made by the developers and the different artists has been stopped due to the lack of free time. Years ago, in France, I had the opportunity to talk to Slayerman, who was mainly in charge of the coding part. He said  to me that the development workload could represent a full-time job, which was impossible for him to support at that moment.

What remains

What remains from the project are:

To run this demo, you will really need a turboR, 512kB RAM (1MB preferred), SCSI/IDE/CF medium to load from, Moonsound and GFX9000 cartridge.

X-Tazy demo

X-Tazy game play

Now available as open-source. A complete package with all sources, graphics, music and utilities that Andre Kuepfer could still get his hands on. Includes several READMEs with extra information.

X-Tazy Development Kit

As I didn’t participate to this developement, I would invite any of the X-Tazy developper/artist/owner to extend this page with extra usefull or anecdotal information. If you want to do it so, please contact one of the site administrator.

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