JawBreaker II

Jawbreaker II – MSXDEV 2014 edition

A Trip to the candy shop has never been so exciting-or so dangerous!!

While you are gobbling up treats, a swarm of happy faces are trying to catch you to pull those teeth.

Jawbreaker II is a port of the TI-99 game of the same name, slightly improved for the MSX.

The game finished #5 in the 2014 MSXDEV competition.

JawBreaker II starting screen

System requirements:

Jawbreaker runs on any MSX with at least 8KB of RAM and a cartridge slot.

Download the ROM, User Manual and cartridge sticker in JawbreakerII.zip

Jawbreaker II – Deluxe edition

This is the enhanced version of Jawbreaker pulished on Cartridge by EBSOFT.

Jawbreaker II promotional picture

In addition to improved gameplay and better tuning of the difficulty levels, this deluxe version contains a completely new game mode, equivalent to the Atari 2600 version of Jawbreaker.