Tiny Magic

Tiny Magic is a new development started in 2020. The idea was to provide a game we can size in alignment with our free time. 

From a technical perspective, the game logic is written in c (with the help of the fusion c framework, for the first version, recently moved to MSXGL), low level libs are written in z80 assembly.

menu screen
Tiny Magic welcome menu

Tiny Magic is a puzzle game about a young wizard-in-training, who has to solve increasingly dangerous stages in order to pass his final wizardry exam.

Tiny Magic puzzle

This game is designed as an advanced Sokoban like game, with the difference that the player have the capability to play with water bubbles, he can, create explosive balls of water, with which, he can pushes rocks, for instance.

From a level design perspective, we have opted to add dangerous enemies and traps to spice a little the adventure.

Lava bubble animation

You can already see what does the game looks like with the following video

Welcome level

A promotional copy will be available mid of 2023, stay tuned.

Technical requirements:

  • MSX2 with 128K Vram and 128K memory mapped ram
  • MSX-DOS 1.x and 2.x
  • PSG sound
  • Emulation: all MSX2 emulator are compatible (BlueMSX, OpenMSX, Emulicious …)