What is VScreen

The objective of the VScreen project is to develop a set of open source tools and routines which can be re-used for creating scrolling action games on MSX2/2+/Turbo-R. The game engine engine is based on MSX2 screen 4 mode allowing fast scrolling in any direction and at any speed. Level size can vary from 1×1 to 8×4 screens.

VSCREEN in action

Download: VSCREEN1.0.zip

VScreen compatibility list:

VScreen is designed to work on any MSX2 and higher with a memory mapper of at least 128KB. VScreen memory handling routines are MSX-DOS2 compatible. VScreen is compatible with sound effects files created with Fuzzy Logic’s SEE3. VScreen is compatible with music/Drum kits files created with Sunrise’s Moonblaster 1.4. VScreen is compatible with level files created with the VScreen Level Editor for Windows.


VScreen Level Editor.

MSX2 Sprite converter

GE5 to SC4 converter

Release Notes:

Here are the release notes so far

Special VScreen versions:

As mentioned here above, VScreen can be adapted to support other type of games. The routines in the demos presented here below are strictly identical to the ones used for the platform demo. The only differences are the routines handling display and controls of the sprites.

Download: VScreen Kuru Kuru Kururin demo vscreenkuru.zip

VScreen racing game demo (available soon)


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